What we do

We start, invest in and advise new tech companies.


We are entrepreneurs at heart and love to build things. We will start businesses in partnership with hard working co-founders with deep expertise in their domain. We will contribute our own time, effort and money to get the startup off the ground. We will also introduce and persuade relevant members of our personal networks to get involved or invest.


We invest on the following basis: 1. Ideally we are the "first money in" to companies that have demonstrated some "customer pull", although we will consider later stage deals.   2. We focus on B2B software or software enabled technology businesses.  3. Our core focus is investing in rounds up to £500K, although we will consider rounds up to £2 million. 4. We will consider leading smaller rounds, but we do not need to lead.


We will advise businesses where we have relevant experience, such as in areas of sales, marketing, finance, strategy and any board or investor matters. Usually our advisory activities are restricted to our portfolio companies. 

“Entrepreneurs are heroes in our society. They fail for the rest of us.”
― Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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